Parker Cannon vs. Security Guard [x]

Protect the fans. You go, Parker.

Did he just fucking punch Parker in the face?!

Ive seen Parker intervene before but never to this extent. that security guard who swung is a bitch. Parker was already restrained as you can tell. this security is nonsense. 


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Mary and I w/ Chiodos in Pomona

Credit: Ashley Osborn

found Little Foot all grown up today. 

specifically in LA?

lets enjoy them

3.9 gpa last quarter

got accepted to Graduate School

Went to Vegas 

tomorrow im seeing my family, shooting a show, and its my cat’s birthday 

3 more days and school starts again 

til winter quarter is over. then spring break 

Self Help Fest

Orange County


Palm Springs

in a weeks time

gonna be fun




awkward question for mayim 

Flop interview

I’m not a fan of Big Bang Theory, but I reblogged this because this kind of thing happens so fucking often. 1) Journalists who don’t do their fucking research before an interview can go die, 2) sexist fucks who underestimate women can go die in a fucking wood chipper.

someone just watched Fargo ^^

one of those people who buy a ton of groceries and then go out to eat the next meal. aaah